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Krista Cibis (MAP #38)

GONE (1)
24″ x 37″ x 2″

It Is What It Is
sequin, beads, pearls, aluminum leaf, canvas, thread
36″ x 36″ x 36″

It Is What It Is- detail
sequin, beads, pearls, aluminum leaf, canvas, thread
36″ x 36″ x 36″

I work in a variety of mediums including mixed media, sculpture, photography and painting. The works I am submitting are in a style and medium that I developed. I am drawn to the graphic quality of words and the multiple meanings a word has depending on the viewer. The pieces are cultural-context-based given the diversity of my background as well as experiential for the viewer whose personal history precedes and filters the interpretation.

There is a power and importance that tangible objects can have which led me to consider the everyday illusory objects that are words and the power and importance they can hold so fragilely bound by interpretation. The pieces are entirely hand-beaded sequins sewn onto canvas that is then stretched and mounted on stretcher bars like traditional paintings. The layering of the sequin allows me to control the light and dark tone giving depth. This choice of technique is a way of slowing down the process and being able to make subtle decisions and adjustments throughout the experience of creating a work. Each one takes weeks if not months or years to complete. The borders of the pieces are finished with metal leaf glazed with multiple layers of oil paint.

I choose words that have both a strong visual presence and layers of possible meaning. In showing and discussing my work, I have found that I have little if any ownership of the words in any interpretive sense which is humbling. Something I have chosen because of a particular resonance for me may have a meaning so completely and utterly different for someone else that I feel I have only just partially discovered the word and at best had only held a sliver of its meaning. The word or phase I had spent weeks or months living with unfolds into something entirely new.

The discussions that have come out of these pieces have brought unforeseen layers to the works that challenge my own thoughts about language, culture and feeling. In that way the pieces are continually re-interpreted.


Media: fiber & fabric, mixed media 2D