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Alison Foshee (MAP #48)

Grape Leaf
staples on paper
11″ x 8.5″

Crassula, 4
staples on paper
11″ x 8.5″

The Mother Board
pushpins, paper, acrylic on board
15’ x 20’ x 2″

Over the past 20 years, I have been making work by up cycling and repurposing everyday materials. Initially, I made this work to reveal the hidden metaphors in functional objects such as staples, pushpins and adhesive labels. Often these metaphors reveal systems of control and memory that illuminate a cultural obsession with order. When these same materials are used to create images of a botanical nature, the juxtaposition initiates a dialogue about transience and materiality. As the work has evolved, I have adopted a studio practice where I periodically and with purpose limit my materials. I allow myself to only use the scraps, the mistakes, the torn, the stained discards that are left behind after the initial work. For example, I not only use the labels, but the adhesive backing on which they come. This self-limiting process and active recycling accomplishes several things. It encourages resourcefulness and invention within the studio and trains the eye to see beauty in the imperfect. It is my hope that this way of making art inspires in the viewer a sense of play and an ability to re-evaluate their own conceptions of beauty.


Media: found objects, mixed media 2D, mixed media 3D

Wheelchair Accessible Studio