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Lisa Golightly (MAP #82)

Tennis Date no. 1
acrylic on wood panel
30″ x 30″

Before the Fall
acrylic on canvas
30″ x 30″

acrylic on canvas
24″ x 24″

My work revolves around memory and how photographic snapshots shape, influence, change and even create memory. My most recent work has experimented with faded, blurry, out of context images to evoke the transient quality of an old memory. I work in acrylic using found photos and film to create work that is both anonymous in nature but also very personal. These images are a starting point from which I manipulate and edit, then transfer the image to the canvas. Applying paint shifts it even further from the source material. This process mirrors the evolution of memory that we often continue to rewrite and expand. The subject of my work is ofter photos of summer holidays, as they are so intrinsically linked with childhood memories. We often edit these memories, compact them as time passes, left with just a’snap shot’ of a moment. It is this moment that fascinates me.


Media: acrylic

Wheelchair Accessible Studio