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Amy Ponteri (MAP #84)

All Roads Lead to You
Acrylic and Ink
42″ x 34″

Acrylic and Ink
24″ x 54″

Acrylic and Ink
54″ x 26″

I am an Artist and an Art Therapist. Practicing my art is essential to my work as a therapist– my own exploration helps me know better how to hold others’ emotions as well as my own. Equally though, my painting process itself parallels a therapy process I facilitate with clients. I begin with the unknown: I spill ink or drip diluted paint across the surface of unprimed canvas, making initial marks — telling an initial story — that requires a response. From there, a conversation ensues. More marks are made, space is organized, forms recede and forms come forward. This process recurs through several iterations until the painting comes to a resting spot where its beginnings and layers and stories are vaguely visible yet transformed.

Working large and on the floor allows me to move around the canvas, to use my whole body, to pick up the canvas and move the paint in a way that I’m am guiding but not controlling. I stretch my paintings on stretcher bars only when the painting is finished.

As an Artist and an Art Therapist, I fully believe that art is for everyone. One does not need training to enjoy looking at art or making marks on a surface. I have always made art for myself, but only in the last year have I begun to share it and show it publicly. I have particularly enjoyed open studio events as a way to reach out to artists and non-artists alike, with the hope that my internal experience “made external” will connect with someone else’s, and through this, we will both be inspired to look more closely and to make more marks.


Media: acrylic, collage

Wheelchair Accessible Studio