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Wendy Robinson (MAP #86)

Fishing Whidbey
24″ x 1″

Klew’s Leaves
26″ x 1″

Vaguely Sante Fe
Crocheted sterling wire with beading
15″ x 1″

Since first holding a crayon in my hand, I struggled with coloring inside the lines or drawing straight lines for that matter. Colors combinations often resulted in comments from teachers and adults in my life that maybe next time I might want to (fill in the blank). It took some time to arrive, to understand my creative practice and find the means to visually express that process. I now simply enjoy creating.

As an artist, I work hard to develop pieces which speak to me and to others about unique ornamentation and wearable art. Every finished piece is a visual story of texture, color, and form. The component parts evoke memories of travel, tactile exploration, visual experiences, color harmonies and intellectual design challenges. The component parts selected for each piece evoke an image which is then developed and expanded upon as the work is completed.

The pieces are crafted through a process of spontaneity and chance. It is an internal process of exploring possibilities based on the choice of materials. Then as the techniques are determined, component parts are worked together (and often reworked) developing toward the completed piece. By focusing on techniques and materials, I formalize the coincidental and emphasize the conscious process of composition that is behind the seemingly random works. This process also provides the means to cultivate a unique artistic voice.

Media: fiber & fabric, jewelry