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Linda Sawaya (MAP #35)

Water Blessing Mandala
gouache on watercolor paper
17″ x 17″

Mandala 3
gouache on watercolor paper
15″ x 15″

Tree of Life
acrylic on paper
14″ x 14″

As the youngest daughter of Lebanese immigrants in LA, my formative years were spent tracing patterns on our oriental carpets, making jewelry, potholders, and many crafts with my mother, grandmother and sisters, speaking spanish and arabic, collaging, drawing, putting on puppet shows, gardening, and cooking Lebanese food.

Inspiration for my work comes from my rich cultural background, byzantine iconography, my grandfather’s journals, imagination, travel, photography, mythology, and our incredibly gorgeous natural world.

I have worked in photography, ceramics, and painting in many media and like to mix it all up. i love color, pattern, texture, and working from memory and imagination. My art is a spiritual process as well.

It delights me to open my studio for you and share my work and processes!


Media: acrylic, mixed media 2D, oil