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Christopher Wagner (MAP #44)
Featured Artist : Gateway Studio

Man on a Cow
Reclaimed Cedar and Milk Paint
24″ x 8″ x 4″

Driftwood and Milk Paint
42″ x 10″ x 10″

Man With Goat
Reclaimed Cedar Beam and Milk Paint
42″ x 10″ x 4″

My art revolves around the human figure, often stylized, but always holding onto the essence of the human form. The liberties I take with the figure are intended to emphasize the spiritual or intellectual longings of humans.
Most of my work is carved in wood, specifically reclaimed lumber. The sense of history that this material brings before my hands is much greater than anything I could hope to achieve through artificial means. When I use a person as a model I will work in clay to better capture the likeness of the person in front of me without the added input of wood grain and its imperfections. To preserve this image I will take a mold off of it and cast it in polyurethane.

My journey as a sculptor originally began with a focus on space interventions where I would completely change an ordinary space. While making these “interventions” I grew to realize that I had more enjoyment in the creation of individual objects in the space rather than the overall space itself. I resolved to only focus my art into things I felt joy in making. Out of that resolution my focus on figurative art was born. Since being focused on the figure I have worked in many mediums and styles of portrayal over the past seven years; everything from abstractions drawn from my dreams, to most recently portraiture which utilizes a model as a starting point.


Media: sculpture, wood

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