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Don Bishop (MAP #68)

Autumn, Mid Day
18″ x 18″

Distant Poppies
24″ x 24″

Golden Wetlands
28″ x 22″

Don Bishop is an impressionist painter living in Portland Oregon. Don Bishop’s work has won numerous awards and has been purchased by art collectors nationwide.

Don Bishop has been painting in the Northwest for many years, and enjoys painting the magical scenery and light that makes this such a beautiful area. Spring and summer months often find him painting outside in the plein air style, while the winter months bring mostly studio work. For Don painting is a continual growth process which usually involves creating several paintings a time. Don works in oils and acrylics.

Don Bishop’s roots in painting are influenced by the Early California Plein Air Impressionist style. Originally from Southern California, Don attended art school at California State University Long Beach, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Art. Seeing many of the Early California Plein Air paintings at various museums and galleries had a major influence on the development of Don’s painting style.

Other painting influences include the tonalist style and the Hudson River School. Don especially enjoys the work of George Innes, Franz Bischoff, William Wendt, and Maurice Braun. As his work evolves, Don sees his paintings becoming a hybrid of the tonalist, impressionist, and Hudson River School influences. Don’s goal is to follow in the footsteps of the early masters, creating paintings that capture the qualities of light and color of the early impressionist movement.


Media: acrylic, oil