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David Friedman (MAP #62)

Spirit Circle
Hand-cut Papercut and handmade paper
13.25″ x 13.25″

Circle Spinner
Hand-cut multiple layer papercut
15.5″ x 20″

Fire On The Mountain
Hand-Cut Papercut
17.25″ x 22.5″

My current work is in the ancient art of papercutting. Papercutting has a rich cultural history, from Northwestern China in A.D. 400, Japanese Kiri-gami, kat’i in the Ottoman Empire and Jewish Mizrah. I use black paper (primarily Canson Mi-Teintes) and hand cut the paper using an X-acto knife often with the aid of magnification. I am experimenting with multiple layering of cut paper and with the addition of handmade papers as well.


Media: mixed media 2D, pastel, watercolor or gouache

Wheelchair Accessible Studio