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Angelina Marino-Heidel and Joel Heidel (MAP #21)

Sculptural Bike Racks – Life Cycles – Salmon and Fiddleheads
Powder Coated Steel Sculpture, Vitreous Enamels
8’ x 10’ x 28’

Bird Child Travels Through History
Acrylic Paint on Aluminum Composite Board – Mural
22″ x 4′

Direct Metal Sculpture, Salvaged Materials
82″ x 30″ x 21″

Angelina Marino and Joel Heidel are mutli-disciplined artists working individually and collaboratively. Their public art commissions are in the collections of cities throughout the NW, Washington and California. In 2014 they completed the installation “Life Cycles” – sculptural bike racks for the newly constructed bike plaza in Estacada, OR, were accepted to the RACC muralist roster, Public Art Archives in Colorado, and completed the mural “Bird Child Travels Through History” for the Shute Park Library in Hillsboro, OR. Marino’s illustrated book, compiled by scholar Tim Barnes of William Stafford’s poem “Everyone Out Here Knows’ was selected for 2014 Oregon Reads and is carried by libraries throughout the state and Joel’s sculptures were shown at the Coos Bay Museum in the Maritime Show.

Our work is driven by rhythm, line and color. Collaboratively, we work in two dimensional shapes fabricated to create three dimensional works. As artists we desire to intrigue the viewer and engage them in creative dialogue. Our creative process thrives on communication and research with the goal to realize unique and site specific art. We provide full concept to fabrication services in murals, gateway art, sculpture, architectural steel screens and sculptural bike racks. Our style is narrative with abstracted figurative content that explore cultures, diversity, history and nature.

Our studio shows feature a rich cross sections of our works including sculptural works that we design and fabricate, direct metal steel sculpture created from found and salvaged materials, vitreous glass enamel on copper wall art and earrings, illustrated books, original stenciled spray paint paintings, oil pastels, acrylic and oil paintings and schematics – Marquette’s of our public art commissions.

During Open Studios 2014, we enjoyed a great response from the community and were impressed by the interest and attention to our artistic process and our works that our visitors gave us.


Media: acrylic, jewelry, sculpture