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Hector Hernandez (MAP #85)

Self Portrait 2
Venetian Tile on panel
11″ x 9″

Mosaic mural and other mosaic portraits
Glass and Tile on panels and on wall
5’ x 39’

Sunshine skull
Venetian Glass on Bison Skull
19″ x 19″ x 6″

Over the years of my career as an artist I have had the opportunity to explore different subjects and themes. My orientation to address social and cultural issues has led me to focus my efforts on mural painting as a suitable format to express and share my approaches to such issues. My background in cultural anthropology and social sciences has helped me to develop narratives in my art work as a means to share my cultural experience with viewers and bring a new perspective to old themes.

It is my interest to keep working on public art projects that reflect relevant aspects of the life of the regional community and society in a cohesive way. Symbolic elements depicted on my mural works also reflect the use of culturally relevant images that have been motives in my personal art works, such as butterflies, live and still images, among others. Recently I’ve been working on mosaic murals, adding new techniques to my public art works. Mosaics could be approached in a myriad of materials and techniques that have allowed me to work on small format works as well on stained glass and smalti techniques among others.

The small format pieces I have the opportunity to exhibit are part of my interests in exploring cultural and personal aspects of my life, including the approach of art object such as the portraits, mosaic skulls, and other mixed media art works. In this way I am bringing the experience of working on public art pieces as well as the intimate approach of art works, combining cultural elements with a personal approach.


Media: ceramic, mixed media 3D, mosaics

Wheelchair Accessible Studio