Elisabeth Horan

Wants and Needs
Collage and India ink on Rives
22″ x 30″

Flaw of Attraction
gel pen on Canson
19.5″ x 24″

Warm Breeze
collage and pencil on Rives
22″ x 28″

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The Dadaists believed society is revealed by what it throws away. Sourcing collage imagery is methodical and obsessive. Collage makes sense of the sensory overload from “out there”: I remove photos from their context and reassign their purpose in a surreal world. It projects a sterile, timeless and silent space to shed the ubiquity of advertisements and reconfigure the familiar.

I trace appropriated media with scissors for my collage works and trace one line over and over in the Circle Series. Tracing is a way of marking time that leads to a meditative stillness, which is reinforced by my own yoga practice.

I re-order the illusion of reality in collage and I release my own illusions in the circles.

My work expresses outwardly in two distinct ways, however I see them addressing the same dialectic between the self and the other: a fluid construction.

My work ultimately strives to acknowledge this construction and illuminate the fact that all boundaries exist in shared space.

Website: www.elisabethhoran.com

Media: collage, drawing & colored pencil, sculpture