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Marilyn Joyce (MAP #37)

#8 DEJ (Dark-eyed Junco)
ink, tea, charcoal, graphite, casein, wax on Arches paper
10″ x 10″

ink, tea, coffee, pencil, casein, wax on watercolor paper
55″ x 48″

Intersection #7
map strips, meduim, wax
20″ x 16″

Walking is the subject and inspiration for my work. I notice, take in, and reflect upon what was seen and felt in the natural environment. Navigating the terrain, my body and senses feel in collaboration with the landscape – the contours of the land, animal paths, bird migrations, growth and decay of plant life. These observations act as a trigger for intuitive impulses, emerging as mark-making, gestures and staining across surfaces or buried by material waiting to be made visible. These experiences are threaded into my work as a tracking of time, memory and space which provide a framework for ongoing exploration.


Media: collage, drawing & colored pencil, mixed media 2D