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Leah Kohlenberg (MAP #43)

Looking Up (in Portland)
oil on canvas
24″ x 36″

Literary family
acrylic and pastel on board
8″ x 8″

oil on canvas
12″ x 16″

I am an American painter who moved to Portland three years ago. I work primarily in oil, but also paint in watercolor and a combination of acrylic and pastel. I am primarily self taught, though I’ve taken classes at the Gage Academy of Fine Art in Seattle, Washington, and the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

I’ve traveled extensively and lived overseas for a decade, collectively, so I paint most places as if I’m visiting, like a tourist. I like to paint buildings from the perspective of looking up at them. I paint people not posed or inside, but often engaged in ordinary public activities.

My work has been shown at the Hadas Gallery in Brooklyn, New York; at the Műveleti Terület Gallery in Budapest, Hungary; and at the American Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia, among others. I won a merit prize in the American Juried Online Art Salon 2010 Spring and Summer Show.

I have taught art for nine years, helping start an English language art school called Sziv Studios in Budapest, Hungary with American artist Paula Brett, and teaching hundreds of students of all ages in Yerevan, Armenia, Zagreb, Croatia, and Brooklyn, NY. I founded The Roaming Studio in 2010, offering live online drawing classes and online painting classes to students all over the world. Since I’ve arrived in Portland, I’ve founded the Drink and Draw in Portland meetup group, which now boasts nearly 1000 members and hosts 3-7 events per month.


Media: acrylic, oil, watercolor or gouache

Wheelchair Accessible Studio