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Erin Leichty (MAP #12)

Princess Warrior
Mixed Media and Cold Wax
24″ x 24″

Full Bloom
Mixed Media and Cold Wax
42″ x 42″

Shadow of a Doubt
Mixed Media and Cold Wax
85″ x 55.5″

Erin’s designs and techniques are greatly influenced by her passion for modern architecture and construction. She is inspired by a modern home’s simple, clean lines and how they belie the immense complexity and planning of every detail.

A rich patchwork of emotion weaves throughout her work. Her thoughts and words are suspended in layers, chronicling the drama of her life in that moment. These slices come together to create a peaceful and calming composition, but upon further inspection reveal the drama that lies within the layers of medium.

Using large palette knives, Erin builds thin layers of limestone clay and acrylic stains on her panel’s surface. She layers text, images, ephemera and found objects to construct her stories on panels, layer by layer, pushing the boundaries of her materials, daring to combine mediums in new ways. She scrapes, etches and sands back bits and pieces of each layer unearthing the buried emotions, creating pieces with the history of a life lived in the beautiful, rich place between chaos and freedom.

Erin is a native Oregonian, full time artist, mom and dreamer. She is passionate about creating delicious food, loving family and friends, designing beautiful and functional homes, running in the forest, and perfecting her yogi hand stands.

She spent her formative years surrounded in a flurry of cut paper and glue, filling hours of alone time as an only child. Now she spends hours in her large garage studio playing with paint and plaster, hot and cold waxes, blue tape, propane torches, palate knives and an endless supply of letters and words.


Media: mixed media 2D

Wheelchair Accessible Studio