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Joanne Licardo (MAP #72)

The Baby’s Dream
24″ x 30″

A Visit From Dali and Bosh
24″ x 30″

oil on canvas
30″ x 26″

I started painting with oils at a very early age, trying hard to paint like Di Vinci at 12.

As a kid, I lived out in the country in upstate NY, where there were no oil painting teachers to be found.

In college I studied commercial art after being told by my guidance councilor that it was the only way to make money as an artist. After 3 semesters,knowing commercial art was not my destiny, I switched into all fine art classes.

When school ended, I moved from Poughkeepsie to Venice California. There I met master painter Jan Valenin Saether and learned what I had been struggling to find since I picked up a paint brush, the ways of the old masters.

After several years of study with Jan, I went on to teach oil painting classes in Santa Monica California for close to 20 years.

8 yrs. ago, I moved to Portland, where I have been teaching in my industrial studio in Towne Storage by the Burnside Bridge.

My goal is not to be famous, but to be able to paint forever, as this is my love.


Media: oil

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