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Gretha Lindwood (MAP #32)

Refuge In Winter
12″ x 16″

Before Sunset
11″ x 14″

Westwind Lavender
9″ x 18″

Have I been here? Have I seen this place? Familiarity describes the landscapes that are the subject of my work.

Using soft pastel sticks, powdered pigments from the earth recompressed to fit my hand, I make my marks on the dry surface of sandpaper or with luscious oil paints on canvas to record impressions of our natural world. By painting in the traditional plein air style and by using an impressionistic touch, my landscapes invite the viewer into the scene.

Water in some form is a favorite theme of mine. The viewer may discover in my paintings water as a distant body, rain-filled clouds, or the fog of an early morning.

The use of vibrant color and strong design are hallmarks of my work which I developed during my career as an illustrator and graphic designer. As a resident of the Pacific Northwest, I cherish our unique landscapes honed by water and time and delight in capturing their beauty in the lush colors of pastels or oil paints to share with the viewer.


Media: oil, pastel