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William Park (MAP #50)

Oil on canvas
26″ x 26″

Beauty, Power
Acrylic on paper on panel
22″ x 22″

Pin the Tail
Oil on canvas
36″ x 40″

I Hate Artist’s Statements.

But, since you asked….. It all started in kindergarten. I would make some beautiful piece of art, a hand print or scribble of some sort, then go running home to show my mother. She would be so thrilled and make me feel I had done something quite special. She would give this treasure the highest of honors by placing it on the refrigerator. I was so proud.

I have matured. I am an “artist.” My work is about process, content and deep human emotions. It doesn’t matter what others think about what I do, it matters just that I do it.

Or so we say.

I believe I can find beauty just about anywhere and I don’t know if it is my duty as an artist to do this, but it is certainly my pleasure.

And I still like it when someone takes my work home and puts it on the fridge.


Media: acrylic, oil, printmaking

Wheelchair Accessible Studio