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Roxanne Patruznick (MAP #89)

Gummy Love
Oil on wood
8″ x 8″

Oil on wood
10″ x 10″

Mr. T
12″ x 12″

Art making and being creative has always been an important part of my life. I carried around a sketch book throughout my youth. In school my text books were filled with drawings and doodles. To this day it’s difficult for me to have a phone conversation without doodling strange stuff from my subconscious on a piece of paper.

In Junior College I took my first oil painting class and then I was hooked. There is something very intimate about oil painting, maybe the way it smells, or the way the paint bonds to the surface, or it’s long history…I still haven’t quite figured it out. But, when I found oil paints I knew this was a different relationship.

Eventually I went to art school for animation. I loved art school and learned so many valuable skills and techniques that reached beyond the scope of painting. I worked in animation for several years and learned a great deal more. Then after a while, I decided to leave animation and return to oil painting.

I moved to Portland Oregon where I began my first body of oil painting work after almost 12 years. I began showing and selling my art work around town and building a community of artist friends.

In the past few years, I’ve started a new series of paintings that are what I call narrative still lifes. I use things from childhood, like candy or toys and create stories with them. It began as a way to make myself smile and laugh, but I noticed it also had the same effect on others. It delights me to be able to make artwork that inspires playfulness and share it with others. This work draws directly upon my roots in animation, childhood, and silliness.

Play is an integral part of my process. First I start with ideas and maybe brainstorm in a journal and make sketches. My current subject matter is candy and toys, which I play with, sketch and photograph. Next I make a drawing on a small surface and begin painting. My work is realistic. I apply a few layers and stop when it looks and feels right.


Media: oil

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