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Annie Salness (MAP #33)

Ready To Ride
Acrylic on board
8″ x 8″

Candy Cane
8″ x 10″

8″ x 8″

After a debilitating stroke paralyzed the right side of her body, artist Annie Salness didn’t let it end her passion and profession.
After years of training in illustration and bio-medical illustration, the right-handed Salness learned to paint with her left hand and is capturing fleeting moments of life and expressing them her paintings.

No matter what her subject matter is, Salness’ works are easily identified by her strong use of light, color and brushwork.
“I am drawn to light, color or the glimpse of a moment,” she said. “I take random photos and then search through them to find special moments. I often discover something wonderful that I didn’t know I had captured. This discovery lends excitement to the process.”
She also loves to do commissions.”I appreciate being able to pause my life and contemplate someone else’s,” she said.
Originally from Southern California, Salness now lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and four children.


Media: acrylic, oil