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Laurie Vail (MAP #90)

steel, wood, found objects
31″ x 29″ x 19″

Juggling Chic
steel, found objects, wood
24″ x 13″ x 23″

steel, wood, found objects
42″ x 38″ x 20″

I like to use found objects in my sculptures. Any scrap metal, industrial cast-offs, or farm equipment that I find, returns to the shop, sometimes for years, before making it into a sculpture.

My most recent series involves some OLD TRIKES that I have been pondering over for years. They are inspired by memories of being a kid, freely roaming around and exploring the world. This series also uses a variety of materials and afforded me the opportunity to do some carving on driftwood.

My work has been called whimsical and lively, reflecting my love of taking things apart and reassembling them in new and fun ways.

For my CHICKEN SERIES, I engineered various mechanisms, twirling a wing, or pulling a tail feather, for “delivering an egg” that was secretly hiding inside the chicken’s body.


Media: found objects, mixed media 3D, sculpture

Wheelchair Accessible Studio