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Stephanie Wiarda (MAP #99)

Contemporary Cuff
Sterling Silver
1.5″ x 2.75″ x 2.5″

Cold forged silver rings
Sterling Silver
.60″ x .40″ x .40″

Pea Pod Pendant on silver chain
Sterling, Natural Turquoise, Glass beads
2.75″ x .40″ x .40″

As a silversmith I am familiar with many types of metal processes, but when it comes right down to it, I like to hand-saw, cold-forge on an anvil, texturize, solder, and polish to finish. It is just a very satisfying process to work directly with the metal.
My preference is for simple, clean, natural shapes. My favorite medium is 18 gauge silver sheet, which I believe I can turn into anything I desire. It has a fluid feeling that be manipulated in many ways. My goal is to create a look that is timeless and can be worn stylishly for decades.
Finnish metalsmith, Heikki Seppa, an influential leader in contemporary design has always, and remains, my main source of inspiration. The look I aspire to comes from natural shapes -flowers, leaves, stones- which are then worked into pure form. I repeat the shapes, always refining, always simplifying.
If you can’t see jewelry from across the room, it isn’t jewelry.


Media: jewelry