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Vicki Wilson (MAP #103)

Glazed Ceramic, pine needles, epoxy
9″ x 12″ x 12″

The Traveller
Glazed Ceramic, mixed media, cement base
26″ x 8″ x 20″

Tiamat (Mother)
Glazed Ceramic and Steel
34″ x 16″ x 5″

Vicki Lynn Wilson

Although this body of work was created in about six months, the materials, techniques and inspirations meander though a twenty year period of discovery. These are theories finally tested, tying of loose ends, and clearing mental and physical space for something new. The human form has such a narrative capacity, and material holds a symbolic language for me. Here, the figure is a support, a vehicle, and a culture on which to grow my material experiments. In creating this work, I release the past and realize my potential.

This has been an era of study which I began as an apprentice and ended as a professor. This show is a rite of passage and many of the pieces express that concept through an un-named spirituality. Much of the work I produced in the twenty years preceding this show was thoroughly planned from the inception. In this work, in the spirit of letting go, I responded spontaneously to the materials and the forms in each stage of completion. I didn’t know when I started a piece what it would look like in the end.

I began with the number 40, because it is my 40th year. While I started more than 45 pieces I will only finish as many pieces as ask to be finished. It has always been my way to physically mark the passage of time…cutting my hair on the first day of graduate school and not again until I was finished, returning to places I had been just before a period of intense struggle. When I imagined this show, it was imperative that the work be shown before I turned 41 and I thank Kate Simmons and Clackamas Community College for allowing me to show 23 of the 30 finished pieces in February and March of 2015. The work continues until July.

I am looking forward to presenting this work in my home-studio garden, a place which is an extension of my art practice. Portland Open Studios will be the debut of the functional ceramic work I have been creating as well.


Media: ceramic, mixed media 3D, sculpture

Wheelchair Accessible Studio