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Sandy Winkelman (MAP #47)

Deep Sea Diver
Pencil, Colored Pencils, Conte, Watercolor and Charcoal
24″ x 18″

Texas Blind Salamander
Pencil, Colored Pencil, Conte, Charcoal, Watercolor
24″ x 18″

White Whale
Pencil, Charcoal, Conte, Watercolor
7″ x 10″

Sandy Winkelman has always been weird. He grew up in Austin Texas shooting BB guns at his neighbors’ windows, swimming with his pet armadillo and building tree houses. It was early on that Sandy discovered his ability to create. As an only child he used to spend hours drawing everything he saw, but he was always lured to the character of his subject matter and the possibility of their individual stories.

After winning many accolades in high school for his art, he attended UC Santa Cruz and graduated with a degree in computer art and went on to become an Art Director for the brand powerhouse Nike, where he helps to craft consumer experiences for a broad global audience. While his daily work life is time consuming, Sandy has consistently pursued his passion for fine art in his free time, exploring different mediums and perfecting his techniques.

In his art Sandy enjoys mixing the natural world with the whimsical and exploring the possible spaces where those two meet to create an unexpected narrative. The visual style of his work is inspired by the moods of antique portrait photography as well as the purity of scientific illustrations. His influences range from all things peculiar and abnormal, to portraits and character studies. He strives for the looseness of Egon Schiele’s line, Charlie Harper’s affable subject matter and the dark narrative of Edward Gorey.

Using inventive techniques such as Irish Breakfast tea as a watercolor base to give an aged look, Sandy adds multiple layers of charcoal to give the background of each piece added depth. Overlays of white highlights and pencil capture light and build emotion which can be appreciated from afar and close up. Sandy’s meticulous execution and attention to detail can be seen in all his art, but overall the work is simple, heartwarming, and tells a delightful uncommon story that can be enjoyed by all.


Media: drawing & colored pencil, watercolor or gouache

Wheelchair Accessible Studio