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Karen Wippich (MAP #20)

Project Runway Conflict
Acrylic on Panel
40″ x 20″

LA Series – Conversation
Acrylic on Panel
16″ x 12″

She Wanted a Baby
Acrylic on Panel
24″ x 16″

I have often heard that an artist has to have a good story to with their work. My paintings tell their own story. They are rich in history. Layers of images. Every viewer sees something, their own story, a relative, a friend and that is what I think attracts them to my paintings. So if someone asks me what my painting is about, I will say, “you tell me”. When I paint I feel alive and free. It is like a drug. For a few hours nothing else matters. My hope is that my paintings can make the viewer feel that way too, if even for a moment.


Media: acrylic