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Beth Yazhari (MAP #11)

Chinese Cloudscape
Acrylic, beading and stitching directly into canvas
30″ x 30″

Canvas, acrylic, fabric, lace, beading into canvas
18″ x 18″

World Quilt – Panel #1
Acrylic, wood panel, cross-stitch, sari fabric, silk
18″ x 18″

I make art that celebrates reflection, craftsmanship and time-consuming labor in the pursuit of beauty. I strive to make spiritually uplifting art, to create oases of beauty and wonder in a frenetic society that is increasingly in need of both.

Discarded doilies and remnants of embroidered fabrics are a source of inspiration to me; by rescuing them and recycling them into my beaded paintings, I hope to honor and collaborate with the creative spirit of past generations of women from around the world whose handiwork has often been ignored because it was not created to be displayed in a gallery.

In repurposing lovingly made decorative textiles as formal elements of compositions on canvas, I build on the labor of multiple unknown stitchers, investing many hours of my own painting and hand beading in order to highlight their beautiful creations as I bring my own unique visions into being.

My work resonates with Arts and Crafts Movement ideals, such as a preference for the handmade, but I draw on modern technology in order to help me create my globally inspired pieces.  The power of the Internet allows me to track down vintage textiles, jewelry and beads from many countries as I create these multicultural works.  I also edit and print my own photographs onto sheets of silk and cotton; the images are then adhered with acrylic medium to canvas or wood, and they become design elements in the symmetrical and harmonious structures of my pieces. These orderly compositions are lent movement, passion, and energy by richly painted backgrounds created by multiple layers of color.


Media: acrylic, fiber & fabric, mixed media 2D