About Us

Portland Open Studios creates a unique educational opportunity for the public to witness art in the making, and learn about media, materials and the business of creative endeavor. Through this interaction, Portland Open Studios creates a platform for local artists to thrive, engage and fosters a community that values the arts.

The Tour is composed of local artists who apply and are selected by an independent jury panel. Portland Open Studios prints a Tour Guide for visitors to purchase, as well as MobileĀ apps, all of which contain the artists’ contact information and directions to their studios. Artists throughout the metro area open their studios during the second and third weekends of October to demonstrate their working life in their creative space.

In keeping with our educational mission, Portland Open Studios offers an educational internship program to high-school and college students. In addition, the Kimberly Gales Scholarship for Emerging Artists is available to artists between the ages of 20 and 30. Read about current and past Kimberly Gales Scholarship winners.


Jason Kappus, Administrator (admin@portlandopenstudios.com)

Board of Directors

Kerri Hewett, President (president@portlandopenstudios.com)

Robyn Williams, Past President

Pat Kane, Secretary (secretary@portlandopenstudios.com)

(open position), Treasurer (treasurer@portlandopenstudios.com)

Pat Kane, Communications (publicrelations@portlandopenstudios.com)

Tamara Hammermann, Education Chair (education@portlandopenstudios.com)

Wendy Robinson, Volunteerism Chair (volunteer@portlandopenstudios.com)

Claire Oliphant, Member at Large (questions@portlandopenstudios.com)

Jeni Lee, Member at Large (jeni@portlandopenstudios.com)

Jacki Cates, Member at Large

(open position), Marketing (marketing@portlandopenstudios.com)

(open position), Sales Volunteer (sales@portlandopenstudios.com)

(open position), Advertising Chair (sponsorships@portlandopenstudios.com)

(open position), Events Chair (events@portlandopenstudios.com)

(open position), Fundraising Chair (support@portlandopenstudios.com)

(open position), Distribution Chair (distribution@portlandopenstudios.com)

(open position), Member at Large

The Portland Open Studios Board is an amazing group of people dedicated to the arts, education, and cultural advance. If you would like more information about what each member facilitates or an application for membership, please contact us at admin@portlandopenstudios.com

In 2015 we are excited to launch our community supported art program, PDX-CSA. For more details visit www.pdx-csa.com.


Jason Kappus, Program Director (jason@pdx-csa.com)

Kristin Thiel, Collector and Artist Relations (kristin@pdx-csa.com)

(open position), Communications Volunteer