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Nancy Clarke (MAP #49)

Sweet Nothings
Hand-pulled double linoprint/ Akua Ink on BFK Rives
10″ x 15″

Weaving An Artist Series
Photopolymer Intaglio Print Series/ Akua inks Rives BFK
13″ x 38″

Women of Zion
Tri-fold Accordian Book of Photopolymer Intaglio Prints
10″ x 18″ x 3″

Prints are an excellent medium for telling a story because the paper, ink and line tie together the otherwise disparate images. I usually work in a series around a theme that resonates for me, often about women’s lives and women’s issues. Individual prints can stand alone, but book format, multiple blocks per page and multiple image framing make the collective mean more. When it works well, my own narrative drives the creation, but the result is sufficiently open to allow the viewers to make the story their own. My preferred process is photopolymer intaglio, but I also explored lino carving during the six months when plates were not available. I am currently experimenting with the addition of chine colle and monoprint to make color another layer of the narrative.


Media: printmaking

Wheelchair Accessible Studio