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Shawn Demarest (MAP #105)
Featured Artist : Gateway Studio

Snow Day Morning
40″ x 40″

Snow Day Evening
40″ x 40″

Snow Day Submarine
24″ x 24″

Statement: Being awake, alive, and present in a moment is what I strive for when painting. Whether working from observation, memory, or photo reference my goal is to present a specific moment in place/time. It’s such a simple premise really – noticing where one is and responding to it. Yet even with years of practice it remains an elusive, challenging, and rewarding study. Just how does one depict being alive and aware within the world? How can a specific fleeting moment be captured? This question drives my work. Feeling a strong connection to my surroundings and then creating an interpretive visual experience helps me answer it. I work primarily in oil and frequently integrate text into my work.

Bio:A native of Boulder, Colorado Shawn Demarest calls Portland, Oregon home. She received a BFA from the University of Colorado with a focus on printmaking and painting as well as a BA in Mathematics. Later studies led to an MA in Architecture from SCI-Arc/San Francisco Institute of Architecture.

In 2012 Demarest received a Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC) Project and two of her paintings were selected to join RACC’s Portable Works Collection. In the winter of 2012 Demarest received a 4-week visual arts residency fellowship to Playa in Summer Lake, OR. Demarest was the 2013/2014 Artist in Residence at Portland’s University Club. In 2014 Demarest completed a multi-panel painting installation for the RiverEast Building in Portland.

Currently, she is working on a 3-panel commission for Portland Community College Southeast and a series of Portland-inspired paintings, EastSouthEast, funded by a 2015 RACC project grant.


Media: oil

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