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Will McConnell (MAP #42)

“Last Block”
Sterling Silver, Oiled Cedar, Wire
.25″ x 1″ x 7″

“The Plant”
Sterling Silver, Oak, Acorn Shell
1.5″ x 1″ x .75″

“Tri & Plane”
Sterling Silver, Oiled Cedar
1.5″ x 1″ x .5″

I’m Will McConnell, an artist from Albuquerque, New Mexico; I have been working with metal since I was introduced to jewelry fabrication at the age of fifteen. It was a medium that made sense to me: small scale structures and strong yet manipulatable materials. I continued taking small metals classes throughout my college career at the University of New Mexico, while refining my craft in a home studio. I now live in Portland, Oregon where I have started to pursue a career as an artist, striving to expand my ideas and silversmithing techniques.

I have always loved working with silver; I love the color, glow, and finish it produces. My work emphasizes clean lines and surfaces that reinforce contrasting elements, both aesthetically and structurally. Utilizing hollow fabrication techniques, my most recent work incorporates foraged dead wood set into sterling silver forms. Acting as both a structure and setting, each form protects and displays the small rounds of wood. Conserving the purity of each material is my struggle; embracing each elements raw beauty is my goal. Each piece strives for a specific and individual balance.

Some of my work was recently selected for Ethical Metalsmith’s international exhibition, So Fresh + So Clean, an exhibition about fresh new work and clean studio practices. Since joining the Ethical Metalsmith’s organization, I have gained much more insight on the environmental impact of my work. I am more conscientious about my materials, tools, chemicals, and the jewelry industry in general.

I am also a member of Portland’s Creative Metal Arts Guild, which has given me great opportunity and better understanding of the local art community. I have gone through many different phases with my craft, and am finally excited and satisfied enough about my work to share it with the world. This is very unfamiliar territory for myself, yet I embrace the unknown and aspire gain knowledge about my newly chosen path.


Media: jewelry, metal, wood