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Carole Murphy (MAP #74)
Featured Artist : Merit Award

The Egg Sisters
aerated cement (green building material)
20″ x 24″ x 20″

Mixed media
26″ x 6″ x 2″

With Intention
mixed media
18″ x 7″ x 12″

Sculpting is my voice, the naked breath with which I place my inner realm on display for all to hear. Bringing me to a place that I would not otherwise travel, I find tranquility amongst the questions and the choices. Articulating in form solves the questions raised and I need only to look at the piece to find the answers. Each time I view it, the sculpture expounds upon the fundamental essence of the inquiry.

Creating abstractly offers me a distinct freedom, full enclosure and unadulterated expression. Acting as a conduit, sculpting enables me to move into uncharted territory. Many times I am not aware of the totality of the sculpture, nor where I am traveling to, until I arrive. In allowing it to take me to where it wants me to go, I find a deeper self is in control, telling stories and assisting me in presenting them to the world. I am granted a perfectly imperfect form of total expression.

What is it that moves you when you view nature? Perhaps it is the lines, the way one color lays upon another that touches you. It is those aspects that I play with, somewhere between the lines of nature and the feminine.
I had a dream that I was sculpting and after a while I turned and realized people were watching. I reached for the hand of one of them and that person held the hand of the next and that person held the hand of the next and so on, until we were all connected. We traveled down into the piece, touching upon its underlying nature. This is what I do, I take others to where I have traveled, touching them in a way that either shakes them or supports them as it alters, enhances or augments their view, as I reach to expand my own.

Sculpting gives me voice, aligns me with my path and brings me home.


Media: mixed media 3D, sculpture