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Jon Wippich (MAP #19)
Featured Artist : Gateway Studio

Furrowed Brow
12″ x 9″

Cow, Boy
36″ x 24″

Floating Over Blue & Red
20″ x 16″

I often feel a strong connection to certain images from the past, sometimes from my own past, but I also work from photos I shoot. I’ve always felt more comfortable drawing rather than painting, so I tend to brush paint onto the board, then selectively wipe paint off. It gives me closer contact to the surface and it’s more like drawing to me. Working transparently at first, I use multiple layers of colors. Then opaque over some of that to further define shapes or add contrast. I feel like if my painting has the right colors, good contrast in areas and a compelling image, then I have a good chance at a piece that’ll make me happy.


Media: acrylic, oil